“I moved into my house almost three years ago and what had initially seemed like a house with tons of cabinet space, turned into a house jam packed with ‘stuff’.  Melanie arrived and within the course of only a few days, helped me turn our house back into a functional and more convenient environment, creating streamlined systems for both storing old items and tossing the unnecessary ones.  Melanie listened to our concerns and did her best to find solutions for all.  I would highly recommend the Holistic Organizer and look forward to having her return for the upstairs!” Naomi, Newton, MA

“My experience with Melanie was absolutely wonderful. I would never have been able to move if I hadn’t hired her. I had clothes, every size and season, all over the closet and living room. And it was relatively painless. Melanie has a calm organized demeanor. Great suggestions. I ended up using Melanie for many more hours than I originally planned. She helped me organize my packing, organize my unpacking at the new apartment. She had a solution to every problem. I think twice now about where I put things and buying anything new. There was no forced giving up of anything like on TV, everything was reasonable and helpful. ” Connie R., Revere, MA

Incredibly professional and well organized! Focused and helped me donate,throw out and organize things I’ve been wanting to do in no time! A delight to work with and would re-hire again!
” Elise M., Boston, MA

“I highly recommend Melanie to help with your organization needs. I am in a major career transition and have been avoiding setting up my home office; it’s a daunting project, as I have tons of books and paperwork to sift through. Melanie is a great listener. She will understand the challenges of whatever clutter you face and will help you to work through it step-by-step.”  Melissa D., Belmont, MA

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but Melanie did a great job taking charge, making great suggestions and getting my place organized. She sent a very organized, goal focused proposal and was very professional and great to work with.Wendy C., Somerville, MA

“The job Melanie completed included installing software on my computer that would identify duplicate photos. She then purge the duplicates and moved the originals to an external hard drive. My computer now operates much faster; almost as fast as when new. I have saved myself the cost of purchasing a new computer, freed up computer memory and secured my family photos. ”  George C. , East Syracuse, NY

The Holistic Organizer was instrumental in setting up my new home with order, organization and an overarching blanket of peace and tranquility. Moving is a big job. Melanie made it doable and fun. She was truly the inspiration on so much that is still apparent and useful. Sometime later, she returned to totally redo my garage – I set it up originally, she made it work. I endorse her 1,000 percent.”  Nancy D., Madison, NH