Melanie Cerio is an Organizing and Productivity Strategist and an Evernote Certified Consultant whose passion is helping others create organized spaces -physical or digital- that support not only their work and personal goals but also their overall happiness and well-being.

The holistic approach recognizes that organizing is about much more than “stuff” – it’s about the emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial aspects of life.

What does working with Melanie look like?

One size does not fit all when it comes to organizing. In determining the most efficient, effective path toward success, Melanie listens to understand her clients’ overarching life goals in addition to their more narrowly defined organizing aims.  An action plan, as well as a plan for maintaining optimal organization once the client’s initial goals are met, are all part of the approach.

Previous organizing projects include: decluttering and organizing closets, bedrooms, and home offices; file management; and setup and training of personal productivity software tools. However, these projects represent but a sampling of the types of organizing projects. Melanie is able to help clients “tidy up” any sector of their lives in which they may be feeling overwhelmed, cluttered, or out of control.

Not only talented at organizing; Melanie wholeheartedly loves it. She helps clients transform their inadequate and lackluster organizational systems into systems that are truly optimal. To Melanie, there is nothing more rewarding than witnessing the transformations that organizing brings about in people’s homes, offices, and lives. She feels privileged to play a part in these transformations.

An inclination toward organization, planning, and smart, clean design, and an interest in process flow and software systems, served Melanie well as a logistics analyst, business systems analyst and project coordinator at various points in her career.

As a Organizing and Productivity Strategist, Melanie combines experience in technology and project management with the knowledge she has gained from spiritual teachings, self-development programs, and her own personal experience. Familiar with practices such as feng shui, energy medicine, space clearing, and yoga, Melanie continues to seek out new forms of wisdom and to put these principles to work on behalf of her clients.

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