Hungry for Order?

As the second-to-last month of the calendar year starts so does holiday planning.
When it comes to food shopping and menus, whether you reference a  hand-written recipe passed down through the generations or you’re gathering food inspiration from other sources,  Evernote can help!

The Basics

Two of the basic elements of Evernote are notes and notebooks.  Think of notes as files and notebooks as the place to store those files.  Notes can contain text, images, audio files and / or attachments.

Web Clipper

One of the most powerful features of Evernote is the  Web Clipper.  Information from any web page can be saved directly to Evernote and accessed from your phone or computer.  The picture of this salad had my mouth watering!  I captured the recipe and image using my browser’s web clipper extension and saved it in my Holiday 2017 notebook.
Source: / Photo: Quentin Bacon


Digitize clippings and hand-written notes

What if the recipe is from a magazine or a seasoned index card (pun intended)?
Physical paper is simple to digitize with the Evernote camera.   After capturing your images, you can recycle that magazine clipping for  carrot ginger soup and know that you can always find Grandma’s original pumpkin bread recipe.  Be sure to title the note!

Meal Planning

Create a menu and designate a chef for each dish.  Centralize information and update your menu and shopping list directly in Evernote.

Holiday Shopping & Receipts

For the past 9 years I’ve been tracking holiday wishes (mine and others) in Evernote. Requests made via email, text or in conversation are added to the note titled Holiday Gift Giving.  When preferences have changed or a gift has been purchased, I remember it because I documented it .

Do you have piles of unused Bed Bath & Beyond coupons that you forget to bring with you to the store? Another great way to utilize Evernote is digitizing coupons and receipts.  Although I have not tested this specifically for Bed Bath & Beyond, it worked like magic at DSW!

I took a photo of a DSW coupon using the Evernote camera.  When paying for my new boots I pulled up the digitized coupon within the Evernote mobile app.  At the register the bar code was easily scanned and I saved $19.27.

Immediately following my purchase, I took a picture of the receipt and threw out the paper.   If for some reason I decide to return or exchange the boots (I won’t because I really like them!),  I can easily find it in Evernote within my Receipts  2017 notebook.

There are unlimited ways to use Evernote to simplify your life,  this is just a taste!

To get set up on Evernote’s free version or to connect for a 30-minute complimentary call about anything organizing, please click here.  I’d love to help get you started!

Wherever you are in your organizing process-this month in particular- acknowledge all of the things you have done and all of the people, places and things that you are grateful for.

Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want.

~Jim Rohn

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